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Hi and Welcome to KL e-Learning



Program summaries are available for each KL e-Learning programs which provides an outline for each course.

Getting started step by step:

·         Once you have selected the course you would like to take, click on the option to “sign up now”.

·         You will be redirected to our Learner Management System (LMS) and you will register here

·         Our System Administrator will receive your registration and contact you to finalize this process.

·         Once payment has been verified, you will your login details, along with manuals for your course.

·         Once you receive your login credential,  you are able to begin straight away with KL e-Learning learning programme.

·         On the system you will get

1.      Manuals

2.      Short “Test Yourself” quizzes

3.      Assignments

4.      Very exciting videos about your subject


Our Teachers/Facilitator are always on line and will provide feedback on your assignments and any activity you complete on line. You are able to send messages to the Teacher/Facilitator at any time, you will get feedback.

·         On passing of your final exam, your will receive an accreditation certificate.


We will be in regular contact with you throughout your learning experience to assist you in any way we can.


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