Communication Literacy


Course Description

To be effective leaders and employees, one must have the ability to communicate effectively. That is, they must possess communication literacy. Above all, communication literacy is about competence and proficiency; the attainment of both entails fostering a critical understanding of how communication functions in different contexts, adapting messages to situations and audiences, and communicating in ways that are ethically and socially responsible in a diverse global society.

Benefits To Attendees

A person assessed as competent against this unit standard will be able to: Produce and respond to basic written and oral communication in the workplace. This competence will equip individuals with the communication skills to operate more effectively in their workplace. It will contribute to more effective communication within the workplace environment.

Subjects Covered

  • Use strategies to be an effective speaker
  • Analyse written spoken and written texts
  • Edit writing/signing for fluency
  • Analyse texts produced from a range of purposes and contexts
  • Understand language styles
  • Compose texts for business

Qualification Link

NLRD119469, NLR12153, NLRD119469, NLRD119462

Course Options

Public courses
In-house training

Qualifying Criteria

The course is at Level 3; therefore the delegate needs to have some basic communication skills.

Course Outline

CL-01 Communication Literacy

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